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Since its entrepreneurship in 1927, the Valqua Group has always adhered to the pursuit of the origin of the Company's name - Value and Quality. As a pioneer in industrial seal products and fluoroplastic processing products, it supports the economic development of Japan and has made great contributions.

At present, Valqua Group is developing the 3 products business focusing on the "Seal Products Business" for piping and machine sealing materials for various industries such as petroleum refining, petrochemicals, ironmaking, energy equipment, automobiles, oil-gas air compressors, construction machinery, and "high-performance plastic products business" of multiple performance products of fluororesin, as well as the highly anticipated "other businesses" in future which can reduce environmental load.

The social responsibilities of Valqua Group is that even if the business environment and technological innovation are rapidly changing and upgrading, we will still be the "enterprise that provides services that move customers" and be the enterprise that is trusted by all interested parties.

Valqua Group is engaged to realizing its materialization, and takes the turning to an "H&S enterprise" as its goal. So far, we not only sell high-tech products (H) required by customers, but also work with our customers to explore Unmet Needs, to integrate the original technologies with services (S), so as to transform into an "H&S enterprise" that provides real solutions.

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