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Basic concept:Value creation and quality improvement

4 operation concept:For the development of society,Legitimate business activities,For people concerned all over the world,Original technologies

10 action policies:

1.We contribute to society through business development

2.We provide services that satisfy our customers

3.We respect for personality and individuality

4.We build a trust relationship between shareholders

5.We coexist with regional society

6.We put safety and health first

7.We observe regulations and act honestly

8.We manufacture products that are not harmful to the environment

9.We focus on protection of assets and effective use

10.We tenaciously face "learning and growth", always full of the spirit of challenging


Collaboration with Stakeholders:

We pursue to strengthen the cooperation with all relevant parties

Superior Quality :We establish the differential technical quality at world level.

Rule First:As a member of society, we pay attention to laws and regulations

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