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The Company's name - VALQUA originates from the abbreviations of Value and Quality in English.

Valqua always takes the "creation of enterprise value and improvement of management quality" as the central content of business management, and wholeheartedly provides services to customers all over the world.


In order to create a better future

In the field of transportation equipment that targets at the world.

In the field of medical machines that serves human health and protect sacred life.

In the field of communication machines that expands the communication between people.

In the field of construction machinery that creates a new life and create a new society.

As a component that constitutes the machinery and machines around every one of us, Valqua plays an important role in opening up the path to a better future in places where people usually don't pay attention.


In order to create the future.

In the field of semiconductor manufacturing devices that focuses on the new era and pursues advanced technologies.

In the field of power generation equipment that protects the beautiful earth and produces clean energy.

In major industrial equipment fields that convey the enthusiasm of professional technicians and target at cutting-edge technology.

In the field of food manufacturing machines that brings smiles to people and reaches high hygiene standards.

As a component for the manufacturing of devices and large-scale production equipment, Valqua is active in various production and manufacturing fields, striving to create a future with unbounded possibilities.

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